You sent this out and minutes ago I just recommended your book Essential Labor on someone's else's Substack comments (her piece is called Mothers Work)! https://deardilate.substack.com/p/mothers-work?sd=pf

As a fellow filipino of immigrant parents, I FEEL THIS. Since having children 8 years ago, I've been in limbo about my faith, spirituality, etc. I tried church dating, meaning going to different churches to try them on. Didn't like any. Then I also checked myself for talking badly about Catholicism because it truly helped my mom and I also think us praying together and going to church together growing up did keep our family together.

I also came to realize my god is in me, it's around the community I surround myself with, it's in my values I share with my family. I got super into yoga recently so that's my church right now.

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Mar 23, 2023Liked by Angela Garbes

Oh how I love you, bud. Someday I’ll tell you about baby Dre’s quest for g-d. It’s hilarious, once you get past the sad stuff. xo

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