Donita Reason: Who is she??

Years ago (2006, I think) I went to the Rat City Roller Derby and was immediately taken by the names all the female skaters gave themselves—names like Sybil Unrest, Farrah Moans, Burnett Down, and Ida Slapter. My own alter ego / shadow identity came to me immediately: Donita Reason. I didn’t dare call myself a writer back then (at the time I worked as an ad sales rep at an alt-weekly), but now I know the truth: I’ve always been a writer. No one needs permission or a reason to call themselves one.

These days I write mostly about mothering and care work, which I find endlessly fascinating and important, though absolutely not what I imagined as my beat. I started out as a food writer, but I’ve always been an insatiable consumer of media—television, radio, Sassy magazine, commercial jingles, the Sunday Times, poetry, nonfiction, thrifted cookbooks, pop music, NBA basketball, and even more television. I’ve come to accept that for me it’s all life and it’s all research and it’s all inspiring and constantly commingling in my brain; I’m low-key always trying to figure out new ways to connect and put ideas and together. Increasingly I’m interested in exploring care, collective care, deservedness, middle age, love, Filipinx American identity, embodiment, liberation, and physical pleasure.

In this newsletter, I give myself permission to follow whatever paths my mind needs to take—to write about whatever I want, just see where it takes me, where it takes us. I’m always happy to hear from you—what you’re thinking about, what these letters bring up in you.

Thanks for being here.

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In the meantime, if you’d like to support my work in a tangible way, you can purchase my books Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change and/or Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy.

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