some notes from my, ahem, spiritual journey

January 2023

poems hi — this is prob the only thread i’ll ever do, possibly the only thread i’ll ever need. i try to stay reading poetry most days, which is easier…

December 2022

No RulesWatch now (7 min) | some thoughts on transactions and rituals

November 2022

I’m home after a quick work trip to Manhattan. My plane landed at JFK around 9 pm Monday; I was tucking the girls into their beds at 8:15 Wednesday…

October 2022

How do you measure eight years of personal space?

September 2022

Thanks to everyone who recently subscribed, or became a paid subscriber, to Donita Reason. I am sick this week, but wanted to write something. Your…
This was supposed to be about a child's fake it's about everything?

August 2022

On okra and perilla leaves
aka Trying New Things aka 🤡

May 2022

an excerpt from Essential Labor

March 2021

A little over a week ago I posted on instagram about an interview I did with Youngmi Mayer and Brian Park, creators and cohosts of the podcast Feeling…

September 2020

⏲️ In the weeks leading up to the start of the school year, I found myself absentmindedly singing the word "kindergarten" in a low baritone growl…